Client of the Month : Shelley Parkin

We are proud to honor

Shelley Parkin

as our February 2015 NSS Client of the Month.

Shelley is one of those rare individuals who, from day one, has been 100% in. From the day she walked in the door, she has continued to earn the respect of all of us here at NSS for her tenacity, her positive attitude, and her never quit mentality. Shelley is a no-nonsense go-getter who is always looking for the next challenge.

Shelley is extremely driven, and has enjoyed some phenomenal results, losing pounds and inches at a very fast rate and quickly adopting the lifestyle to keep those results.

She’s always looking for a hard training session, and is always pushing to learn new things and take her fitness to the next level. Her attitude and discipline is what most of us dream of and aspire to replicate: she acquires knowledge, she applies it, and she reaps the rewards.

Shelley is always pushing the limits and never backs down from a challenge. The only thing that Shelley seems to refuse to do is REST! She will maximize every minute of every training session, practically sprinting from exercise to exercise, all while asking “What’s next?”.

One of our favorite examples of Shelley’s mindset came when we found out that she would probably need a shoulder surgery to repair some damage from a past injury. This will require her to wear a sling for some time. Her first question was “Can you come up with a half hour leg workout so I can still train with my sling on?” Yep. Dedication!

All these characteristics, along with her optimistic and encouraging words for others in the facility are why Shelley has earned February Client of the Month. Congratulations,

Congratulations Shelley, you’ve earned it!!

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