FREE 25-minute Nutritional Overview

ONE interesting FACT about nutrition...

"We make, at an absolute minimum, 21 decisions on nutrition weekly!"

Most likely not what you were expecting, right? But the above statement might be one of the most eye opening facts in the ever complicated discussion of nutrition. It is in reference to the idea that it's not how much we know when it comes to nutrition, but rather application and making ourselves do it! That is why we love the behavior habit method of creating change here at NSS. However, application can be hard...but we want to help. That is why we are offering you a FREE 25-minute Nutritional Overview. That's right...a totally FREE personalized discussion about your nutrition, how to apply it, fitting it within your life, etc...along with addressing any questions you may have.

Don't currently train with the #NSSfamily? (hey, you are always welcome & we would love if you do) :) But....don't worry about it...this is for ANYONE. Call 320-808-9632 or email Steve ( to set up your FREE Nutritional Overview.

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