#NSSfamily PR Bell

The word for 2015 at NSS is “Community”. Many of you have noticed little changes or additions in not just the physical environment at NSS but how the team of coaches is interacting with everyone.

This is not an accident. We are being very intentional about trying to strengthen and build our #NSSfamily through community.

Why you ask? ……. Change.

The reason why all of us are here everyday is because we are looking to change something. That “thing” may be anything - grand or small, short sighted or life-long. (Read Holea’s waxing poetic on our new “What’s your Why?” Board).

As many of us are experiencing, change can be hard, REALLY hard. The way we see it at NSS is if we are all trying to change, then we should help each other change and make it easier on all of us. A lot of us have similar goals and have experienced similar struggles, why not use this to our benefit?

With this comes getting to know your fellow #NSSfamily members that you train with every week. The more you invest in the community, the more the community can invest in you. If you see an opportunity to help a #NSSfamily friend, you never know when that person may be in a position to turn around and help you! In any capacity.

“Many hands make light work”.

The above proverb in mind, today we would like to introduce you to the #NSSfamily PR Bell!

There are two reasons why this bell exists.

  • To make it blatantly apparent that becoming even a little better is something to be celebrated!

  • To allow your #NSSfamily to celebrate your successes with you!

So the next time you come in and beat that previous best, whether it is your first pull-up or your 15th, your first time deadlifting the 35lb. kettlebell or a 225# barbell... we want you to know that the rest of the #NSSfamily is right behind you, cheering you on!

And just in case the #NSSfamily missed it, let us know when to cheer with a ring of the PR Bell!

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