NSS Community Habit Board

One of the new additions to the NSS facility recently is our community habit board. It is no secret that change is hard, especially long term lifestyle change. That is why we want to attack some of these changes together as a group.

Our method for doing so, for promoting continuously getting “better” over the long term (via short term goals), is the above mentioned community habit board. Every 2 weeks we will be writing the community habit, our short term goal to affect long term change, on the weight room white board.

The goal is to not only get the ball rolling on some of these healthy habits, but to also continue to generate conversation and community change in the gym.

For example, there may be a community habit that we put up on the board that you personally are really good at, but somebody else might be struggling with. In that case, you get a chance to help another #NSSfamily member work through some ideas and have a creative conversation on how to make said habit easier. As we move to another community habit, it might be their turn to reciprocate, and help you with a habit you are struggling with.

Participation is completely optional. Anyone can choose to participate, and also to what extent they will participate.

Below are the guidelines for the selection of the community habit.

The premise has to be something you and your grandma can agree on as being something good to work on. :)

Ex. Eating more colorful vegetables.

It will be both specific and scalable. Meaning if it sounds either way too easy or way too hard, we want to open the dialogue for making it more realistic to achieve. The goal is for you to be a 9 or 10, on a scale of 1 to 10, in achieving the community habit.

Ex. I will eat colorful vegetables every day for the next two weeks.

But if you haven’t had a colorful vegetable since 1993 then we may need to alter either the number of days or even eliminate them altogether and scale to eating 1 colorful vegetable in the next 2 weeks.

*Never forget, more is NOT always better. Better is better.

Check out this great video from Dawn explaining exactly how we scale these community habits for clients every day in the gym!

So here it is…

We would love to have you join us in the next two weeks of our current community habit!

As we all know leading a lifestyle of health and wellness doesn't just stop with nutrition and activity. It is also inclusive of reducing stress. Nothing reduces stress like cleaning up the areas we work and live in every day!

Especially when that decluttering leads to an increase in focus and productivity!

This may be a drawer, the backseat of your car, a closet or a cupboard. It is all about creating an environment for success, doing something to reduce stress, and getting a sense of accomplishment from it.

With the above pictured 2 week community habit, we want you to share how you are working on this habit. Post your comments, send us an email, or pop it on our Facebook page and let us know how you have been doing! We look forward to hearing the positive things you are doing with this!

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