Client of the Month : Chris Mohr

We are proud to honor

Chris Mohr

as our April 2015 NSS Client of the Month.

Chris began training with NSS two years ago and has been beyond consistent. Not only is she showing up to all of her sessions, she has been continually getting stronger and becoming extremely tuned in to her body. When she feels her body needing some rest, she takes it. When she feels ready to push, we do so appropriately.

When Chris first started, she was goblet squatting a 16kg kettlebell and is now back squatting 105 lbs for reps…and then asking for more weight on the bar! Her eagerness to gain more knowledge in how to perform the exercises has done a tremendous service for all of her lifts. Her attention to detail has led to a current personal record of 145 lbs x 3 reps on the barbell deadlift.

This fulltime working mother of two has put her strength and health towards the top of her priority list. Chris knows the importance of taking time for herself and the benefit she is reaping from this time is phenomenal! We can’t wait to see what Chris can do next!

Keep up the amazing work, way to go Chris!

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