Noonan Barbell 2015 Meet Recap

What a meet!! This year’s event was definitely a step up from the last 3 years. We hit our max capacity of 30 lifters only about 2 weeks after opening sign up. From that point on, we had a solid waiting list that accounted for another 5-6 lifters competing in place of lifters who had to cancel. This response was exciting to say the least, and reflects how great our sponsors, volunteers, and lifters have made this event. For that, we thank all of you!!!

The women kicked off the day, with the seemingly unstoppable Kacie Mercil hitting

a massive 270 lb. squat. Duking it out for the 2nd and 3rd biggest squats for the women were Destiny Bartolomeo and Ali Ziesmer with 245 and 240 lb. squats respectively.

Shawn LaQue topped the men with a 525 lb. effort, followed closely by the ever intense Erin Berns with an easy 500 lb. effort. Blake Borst and Alex Maas hit the 3rd highest squats at 495, both making easy work of it.

Bench press for the women was neck and neck, with Kacie again leading the way with 155 lbs. Kelly Anderson and Joan Olson followed close behind with 145 and 135 lb. attempts.

The men were lead by Shawn LaQue again, with a massive 430 lb. attempt,

followed by Bryce Bakklund at 370 lbs. and Anthony Acosta at 330lbs.

In all-too-familiar fashion, Kacie Mercil took the top deadlift at 340 lbs. Taking up second was our own Holea Bruggman along with Joan Olson, both moving 300 lbs. easily. Tying for 3rd was Destiny Bartolomeo and Kelly Anderson with 295 lb. attempts.

Shawn LaQue again proved why he was last year’s champion by clinching an easy looking 630 lb. deadlift, followed by a 600 lb. pull by Anthony Acosta, at a bodyweight of under 200 lbs.! Erin Berns brought in the 3rd highest at 575 lb.

In spite of these being the biggest lifts, the winners were decided by Wilk’s formula which applies bodyweight and age to your 3 lift total to decide the winners across the board. Our top 3 men and women lifters are as follows:


1st- Kacie Mercil with a 765 total at 169 lb. BW

2nd- Joan Olson with a 665 total at 157 lb. BW

3rd- Holea Bruggman with a 655 total at 154 lb. BW


1st- Shawn LaQue with a 1585 total at 239 lb. BW

2nd- Aaron Poelaert with an 1175 total at 145 lb. BW

3rd- Anthony Acosta with a 1415 total at 193 lb. BW

For a complete results sheet click HERE

Once the full power meet was completed, we hosted a Deadlift for Reps competition (225 to failure for women, 405 to failure for men). This always proves to be quite a show, and this year was not at all a disappointment. In the women’s division, Kacie Mercil clinched the title with 25 reps at 225, and what appeared to be a couple reps in the tank still! In the men’s division, Anthony Acosta took the title from last year’s champ, Erin Berns, by pulling 405 for 30 reps!! Intense, to say the least…

For a full photo album of all lifters click over to our FACEBOOK PAGE

We are so proud of all the new lifters that lifted at this event as well! You were all amazing, and you are the reason this meet even originated. Thank you!! To our sponsors, Crossfit Allectus and The Movement Minneappolis, we owe a huge thank you as well. Our meet was greatly improved by your sponsorship and presence at the meet. To Dakota Barbell and Edgar’s House of Pain, we owe you all a huge debt of gratitude for taking care of all the spotting, loading, and help with judging. Our lifters were in great hands. To all of you who came to watch, we hope you had as good a time as we did, and we can’t wait to see you next year! It will be our 5th event, and I can guarantee you it will be even bigger, better, and more exciting than this year!

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