Client of the Month : Wesley Graves

We are proud to honor

Wesley Graves

as our May 2015 NSS Client of the Month.

Wesley came to us with several goals; the first was to gain adequate muscle mass/bodyweight to qualify him for the Air Force, and his second was to successfully pass his Air Force PT test.

What really sets Wesley apart is his consistency and willingness to sacrifice for his goals. He is here at NSS 3 days a week, at 6am, working hard in his training sessions and then immediately heading to school, as well as working a job and running track! Seeing that level of commitment and maturity at his age is inspiring for all of us.

Wesley went from hardly ever training a back squat to squatting well over his bodyweight for reps in a very short period of time. Many of our morning regulars joke about “doing pull-ups like Wesley” because it’s not uncommon to see him rip out strict sets of a dozen in between squat attempts. Weekly he is interspersing step-ups with weighted push-ups, (holding another 25% of his bodyweight across his back), and all this before most kids even wake up in the morning!

The other part of Wesley’s journey was the weight gain. The hardest part about weight gain for males who really do have an overactive metabolism is the misunderstanding of just how hard it is to actually put the weight on! It is NOT fun; it is NOT easy. It involves eating until you feel sick, limiting certain activities that burn up too many calories, the constant misunderstanding from others who say “oh, I wish I had that problem”, the frustration of feeling certain of weight gain only to see the metabolism adapt to a new calorie load and the scale actually go down, etc.

Instead of complaining, Wesley just asked questions. Then he followed through. Wesley gained the weight he needed to, and also aced his PT test, but it was the maturity and dedication by which he went about it that moved us to pick him as this month’s client of the month.

Congrats Wesley, keep up the great work!!

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