#NSSfamily Community Habit (6/1 - 6/14/15)

The new community habit is up at NSS!

This is near and dear to everyone on the team as we read for both personal enjoyment and professional development.

As some of you may know (and as many of us on the team have learned the hard way) it is not always that easy. If you are in formal schooling, or haven't found that book or article that grabs you it can sometimes be difficult to enjoy reading.

Per usual, make this your own. If it means reading 10 minutes total over the next two weeks, or if it means reading the paper for 10 minutes every day. Adjust it to your situation and enjoy the benefits you will reap from spending some time reading!

**Tip: Personally I try to read a book I am interested in (but not in love with) before bed every night. It helps to distract my brain long enough to fall asleep!

When is your favorite time to read?

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