Client of the Month : Kristine Pederson

We are proud to honor

Kristine Pederson

as our July 2015 NSS Client of the Month.

Since the moment Kristine stepped through the doors here at NSS, she has been a symbol of positivity and energy. She shows up to her 5:30 a.m. sessions consistently five minutes early with a smile on her face and a warm “good morning”. She dives right in to her warmup and is eager to get started at 5:30 sharp. She never complains, but is open and honest with how she is feeling, and willing to try something new if needed.

No matter the exercise or task at hand, she approaches everything with a determined focus and a can do attitude. She recently worked up to an easy 145 lb. barbell deadlift…for 5 reps!!! Her husband and parents have noted how strong she has gotten when moving pieces of furniture with ease…and a smile on her face of course! Kristine would say that one of her favorite body parts is her triceps and is routinely finishing her workouts with some triceps extensions or battle ropes.

In addition to phenomenal strength gains, she has seen an amazing body transformation. She has dropped 4” from her waist, 2” from her hips, and 1.5” from her thigh. Outside of the gym, Kristine works hard to track her steps and ensure she is being active on a daily basis. This sometimes results in 10 minutes of activity before bed in order to get those last 1000 steps! Her commitment to health doesn’t end with activity. She works hard to eat whole foods and is conscious of the choices she makes from the moment she wakes to the moment she goes to bed.

What truly makes Kristine stand out as our client of the month is her lifelong dedication to health and wellness. She works in the health care field and is all too familiar with health issues that come along with not taking care of your body. In her eyes, getting fit and healthy isn’t something you do for 12 weeks; rather it is a commitment to improve your health and fitness in order to live a long and active life. Kristine is a true proponent of this and we appreciate her consistently positive energy each and every day she steps through the doors.

Way to rock Kristine!!!

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