What is the Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC)?

The Tactical Strength Challenge, also known as the TSC, is a competition involving multiple disciplines of one’s fitness. Those disciplines include absolute strength, relative strength, and work capacity.

Absolute strength is determined by testing one’s ability to lift a maximal weight in the barbell deadlift. A standard three-attempt powerlifting protocol is utilized, which allows each competitor three attempts at achieving their heaviest possible deadlift.

Each competitor will choose their weights for the three separate attempts and must exhibit complete control in the lockout for the lift to be considered successful.

Relative strength is determined by testing a competitor’s ability to perform as many pull-ups as possible for males, or hold a flexed arm hang as long as possible for females in the novice category.

The pull-ups must be performed using an overhand grip. For a pull-up to be successful, the competitor must begin with elbows completely straight and pull until their chin is above the bar being used. Each successive pull-up must begin from a straight arm position at the bottom of each repetition.

In the case of a novice category female doing the flexed arm hang, hands may face either direction. The chin must be held above the bar as long as possible for the flexed arm hang to be considered good.

Work capacity is assessed using the single arm kettlebell snatch. Each competitor will use a weight determined by their gender and level of experience and proceed to perform as many kettlebell snatches as possible in 5 minutes.

Competitors can switch hands as many times as desired. It is required that a competitor’s elbow be completely locked out at the completion of each repetition and one must never drop the kettlebell.

Competitors can be of all ages and skills levels, and both males and females are encouraged to participate. Most individuals are competing for personal pride and a desire to compete with themselves, so a very comfortable and encouraging environment is created.

We at NSS welcome all those interested in competing to contact us with any questions. If you are not interested in competing but would simply like to be a spectator for this high energy, fun filled, event, please join us on Saturday, October 28th, at 9:00 a.m. to encourage all those signed up.

Who knows, you may even see one or two of the NSS coaches on the competitor list…

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