Client of the Month : Scott Morrissey

We are proud to honor

Scott Morrissey

as our October 2015 NSS Client of the Month.

Scott is one of those guys you meet and almost immediately think “I want to be like this guy!” From day one, Scott has been the picture of consistency and drive. Many road blocks have popped up in his training career, but he has pushed through them all.

Scott is the poster boy for age only being a number! At 50+ years old, he has squatted 375 lbs., deadlifted 405 lbs., and one day for a fundraiser did over 200 pullups in under an hour!! He’s worked his way through multiple injuries, never giving up, and always coming back stronger than before.

Two of our favorite stories about Scott involve just those type of instances. Here’s the first: When Scott first started here, he was having frequent back trouble, to the point where he often had trouble walking. He was told he should have surgery. Instead, he rehabbed it and strengthened it, coming back to pull a 405 lb. deadlift!!

The second is when he separated his shoulder 1 week out from a powerlifting meet. Instead of pulling out, he reduced his bench press weight and competed anyway, squatting well over 300 lbs., deadlifting over 400, and walked away with the respect of everyone in the room.

There’s a lot you can say about a guy like Scott, but we don’t really have the room.

Congratulations to our client of the month, Scott Morrissey! It’s well deserved.

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