Noonan Barbell USAPL Raw Open 2015 Recap

Saturday October 10th, 2015 marked the first sanctioned powerlifting meet at Noonan Sport Specialists. Due to a small army of awesome volunteers, a top notch platform crew, the direction of Joe Warpeha and his volunteers from the USAPL, and our awesome lifters, it was a phenomenal experience!

In total, we had 24 competitors (9 women, 15 men). Placing was judged by Wilks formula (factoring in total lifted, age, and bodyweight).

In the men’s division, our winners were as follows:

1. Isaac Svobodny with a 525.5kg total at 81.8kg bodyweight (17 years old)

2. Tyson Eckel with a 555kg total at 81.5kg bodyweight (21 years old)

3. Charles Fernow with a 587.5kg total at 89.5kg bodyweight (23 years old)

In the women’s division, our winners were as follows:

1. Shari Lindsley with a 435kg total at 137.5kg bodyweight (35 years old)

2. Kellie Fischer with 352.5kg total at 84.3kg bodyweight (35 years old)

3. Donna Adams with a 347.5kg total at 93.8kg bodyweight (43 years old)

There were multiple state records set at this meet. Including Noonan’s own Steve Harstad breaking the master’s state deadlift record in the 83kg weight class with a 202.5kg (446lb.) deadlift. Shari Lindsley showed everyone what squatting is all about with a rock solid 172.5kg (380lb.) squat with no belt or knee sleeves! Former NSS Intern Tyson Eckel set the junior class state deadlift record with a 252.5 kg (556lb.)

We also saw an incredible effort from Joseph Plinski. He had an injury early during squats but managed to come back to pull a 600lb. deadlift just to show he could. There were many other awesome lifts done that day, and all the competitors were wonderful to work with. We hope to see all of you back again next year!

Special thanks goes to our volunteers; you were all incredible and this meet would have never gotten off the ground if it wasn’t for you. Joe Warpeha, Rachel Warpeha, Angela Simons, Ray Law, Nick Tylutki, Gary Grahn, John Tini, Matt Lampi, Wade Wilke, Anthony Acosta, Dallas Charles, Isaac Ohman, CJ Erickson, Dawn Coauette, and Dustin Schlichting, we owe you all a huge thank you! Hope to see all of you next year as well!

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