Client of the Month : Norma Knapp

We are proud to honor

Norma Knapp

as our November 2015 NSS Client of the Month.

Norma started her journey with NSS with the intentions of making body composition changes. Along with reaching those goals she discovered that as much as looking better was important to her, the way she began to feel after doing strength training was the cherry on top. The nagging aches and pains that she had become accustomed to, including joint pain that often woke her in the middle of the night, slowly started to disappear.

Along with feeling better Norma’s energy levels have sky rocketed. This past spring she started taking daily walks outside and then moved on to taking short bike rides around her neighborhood. The next step was to take on tasks that she had long given up on. A thirteen-mile bike ride with friends was daunting but she finished it with confidence. Climbing the Badlands in ND with family members was invigorating. A hike up Inspiration Peak (after her NSS training) was no big deal. Next on her list is get back on the slopes and try downhill skiing again, which she enjoyed with her kids when they were growing up.

Norma also understands that the ability to move well has a correlation with longevity. She often takes what she has learned at NSS and recreates them to do her own at home workouts. The practice she has done in the gym and at home has helped increase her ability to balance, she has gone from 5 (very difficult) elevated push-ups to cranking out over 20 per set, she has increased her kettlebell deadlift from 18 pounds to 53 pounds, and she can push a weighted sled 30 yards.

Norma is the epitome of what the #NSSfamily is all about. She comes into every session with a smile on her face and greets everyone with a “Hello!”. Whenever you ask Norma how she is doing she always replies with “I am doing really well today” and she is proud of all that she has accomplished this far. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Congratulations Norma!!!

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