Dustin Schlichting Named 2016 Personal Trainer of the Year

Dustin Schlichting receives Minnesota Personal Trainer of the Year Award.

I have known Dustin Schlichting for 15 years. Over the course of those 15 years there have been more memories made than I could ever pretend to remember. Memories that span all areas of life, from the disgusting, like when we discovered 3 month old chicken in a cooler during a move in August, to difficult memories like the sickness and loss of loved ones, to amazing memories such as the birth of each of our children.

There have also been countless memories made when it comes to Noonan Sport Specialists and our decision to team up and create a training facility in Alexandria in 2007. Memories that include our first ever paying client (thank you for believing in us Zach, Alvin and Cindy Shuck!), our first big equipment investment, our first team member (over 6 years ago!) or our first ever “come to Jesus meeting”.

But off all these incredible memories there is not a more unforgettable one than what occurred this past Saturday, January 23rd at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.

At the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Minnesota State Clinic, Dustin, this ever growing, constantly learning, always networking, continuously upbeat, hardworking, role model, leader and friend was awarded the highest honor a state chapter of the NSCA can give.

Dustin was honored as the 2015 Minnesota Personal Trainer of the Year.

This peer award is given to an individual in recognition of excellence in service to the personal training industry and the NSCA.

To even be considered for this decoration Dustin had to be nominated (which he was by the Minnesota NSCA President), then complete a lengthy application including information on his continuing education, daily tasks, NSCA involvement, coaching experience, etc. Once the application process was complete the Personal Trainer of the Year was voted on by the state NSCA board.

This award only reaffirms what I have been seeing over the past 15 years of knowing Dustin. The fact that he is on a constant course to better himself as a fitness professional and those around him, that he genuinely cares for coaching clients and the fitness industry as a whole, and that he is one hell of a personal trainer.

Congratulations Dustin, everyone here at NSS is extremely proud of you and couldn’t be more honored and fortunate to work with you every day!!

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