Client of the Month : Angie Johnson

We are proud to honor

Angie Johnson

as our January 2016 NSS Client of the Month.

When nominating clients for Client of the Month Angie was a no brainer. As a longtime member (nearly 4 years!) of the #NSSfamily Angie has done nothing but impress us here at the gym. Her commitment to consistency is apparent, and shows itself in many ways, starting with her 30 minute commute to NSS 3 days per week and rarely ever a missed session. If Angie has a conflict she makes certain to reschedule well in advance in order to get all of her training sessions in during the week. Not to mention, Angie shows up to every session with a big smile on her face and brings a positive energy to the gym culture.

However, training at NSS isn’t all that Angie has been doing to work on her health and fitness. She has built up a wonderful supply of fitness equipment and knowledge and uses that on a nearly daily basis at home as well. Whether it is walking in the early mornings or hitting an interval training session Angie is focused on continuing to stay steady to some version of workout on more days than not.

On top of that, Angie has been all over her nutrition making sure that is working in alignment with her sweat sessions. A wonderful planner of meals it’s not uncommon for Angie to spend 2-3 hours on a Sunday preparing food for the entire week, then portioning out and freezing left overs to make her nutrition choices and process a lot more simple for the days to come.

Did I mention all of these wonderful habits haven’t been disrupted in the slightest over the past month while Angie has sold her house and purchased a different one?! What could have been one of the most stressful times in her life, and been a 100% reasonable excuse to break her habits and “let things slip” didn’t even seem to faze Angie. Through preparation and planning she has been able to deal with all the stress of selling, purchasing, packing and moving without missing a beat and we couldn’t be prouder of her.

Keep being awesome Angie!!

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