How Will Your Life Look With Perfect Nutrition?

To start with answering the question above....

Guess what; we’ll never know!

Perfect nutrition is a complete myth. I’m sure you all know that, but do you really KNOW, as in deep down believe, that you don’t have to have perfect nutrition to enjoy success?

The NSS goal with our Nutrition Coaching Program (NCP) is to help you grow as an individual in all of your nutrition habits, and to enable you to assess, address, and progress. Perfection is unreachable, as we have all heard at some point, but when it comes to nutrition and training, there is a constant atmosphere of “I’m not doing enough”.

Guess what? You just have to be better. Perfect won’t happen, and perfect shouldn’t happen. In our first weeks of the NCP, everyone comes up with behavior habits to implement. When these get discussed some clients probably wonder why they didn’t get a meal plan along with a long list of “don’t touch” items and a 3 page special supplement list.

Here’s why: perfect doesn’t work!!!

First of all, we don’t even know what the true best really is when it comes to nutrition. Science can speculate and give us amazing information, but it will never be “perfect”. Aside from that, humans and perfection are incompatible; diesel in an unleaded vehicle won’t end well. Neither will the expectation of perfection from any member of the human race.

I bring you back to our NCP model:

1. Assess: Detail your current habits, weak points, goals, aspirations, fears, environment, etc.

2. Address: Once you see the weakest links in your nutrition/habit chain, develop a plan to address them and change them one-by-one, in the easiest, most fail-safe manner.

3. Progress: Plan the work, work the plan! Let the fruits of your labor show themselves and strengthen your resolve before you move on. If all you have to do to elicit change and make progress is change one or two things, isn’t that more logical than trying to nail down and perfect everything at once?!?!

So stop beating yourself up!! Don’t feel ashamed of your current nutritional state, because the more mistakes you are making, the more room we have for positive change with simple steps!!

Perfection is synonymous with an absolute ending point; a time of full accomplishment when nothing is left to strive for. We NEVER want you to stop striving; we NEVER want you to stop seeing improvements or results.

Assess, Address, Progress, and make sure to have some fun along the way!

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