3 tips for drinking more water

Water is a super important piece of the health puzzle. A great goal is half of your body weight in ounces. For instance, I weigh 190 lbs, which means on a daily basis it would be great to get 95 ounces.

If half your body weight in ounces seems high, try one of these tips to get more water.

1) Carry a water bottle with you - in the car, at your desk, to kids sporting events. This tie to accessibility might be the best key to drinking more water.

2) Piggy back water off of brushing your teeth. Assuming you brush twice daily, drink a glass of water right before (because water after just doesn't taste good!) you brush in the morning and evening. Putting a new thing you want to turn to a habit on top of another existing habit (ex. tooth brushing), called piggybacking, is a super great way to do it.

3) Pour two glasses of water with your meal. It's not uncommon to fill up a glass of water and sit down at the table to eat. But how often do you get back up and refill it? Now think about at a restaurant... how many glasses of water do you drink...2 or 3? How come - becuase it's being brought right to you (accessibility again). So in having two glasses already poured and on the table you will automatically drink more. (or keep a pitcher filled on the table with meals)

Cheers to half your body weight!

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