Client of the Month : Kris Zick

We are proud to honor

Kris Zick

as our March 2016 NSS Client of the Month.

Kris first came to NSS for the Nutrition Coaching Program (NCP). After completing NCP, she moved into semi-private training after being encouraged to do so from several friends of hers who were current #NSSfamily members.

Kris has had a large amount of success at NSS due to her consistency. She doesn’t make excuses about showing up, she is here each and every session. Not only does she make it twice a week (every single week) she brings with her energy that others feed off of. She makes it around the gym to chit-chat and encourages others while continuing to better herself each and every week.

Kris is focused on not just completing the workout, but making sure that the movements are done correctly and efficiently. Form and function have been priorities during her training sessions and she maintains that process when training beyond the NSS walls. She continues to work on her strength and self by signing up for road races and attending special NSS team training events. We have yet to see a challenge that Kris hasn’t risen to meet.

The NSS clients that have the opportunity to train at the same time as Kris appreciate the knowledge, perspective, and guidance that Kris provides both inside and outside the gym. She doesn’t sugar coat the successes and struggles that she encounters.

Thank you Kris for being an outstanding role model both inside and outside the gym!!

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