3 Steps Toward a More Positive Attitude

Coming back from a vacation, no matter how long, can be kind of a drag.

You know what's more of a drag that that? - being ready to walk out the door for work and realizing I had absolutely no idea where my car keys were. What a perfect way to start my first day back from vacation, right?! I was tearing through my purse, gym bag, suitcase, even the garbage.

I had so many reasons to think that my morning, or even my entire day, was ruined. I mean, who wants to come back to work after a vacation anyways - and now this?

But, through all of this, I was able to breathe, relax and even keep a smile on my face. Yes, I was smiling while rummaging through the garbage. How do you not laugh at yourself a little bit when you have to sift through coffee grounds because you truly have NO idea where you could have misplaced your keys?

It’s not easy to have a positive attitude all the time, let alone when unfortunate situations arise. I struggled for a few years in this area. I put a negative spin on pretty much everything. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy with life, but I realized that I was dragging people down and I wanted that to change.

The following are a few things that really helped me to change my outlook on life. Taking small steps toward a more positive attitude will help to make life more enjoyable.

1. Start each day on a positive note.

You may not have the most exciting day ahead of you, but why not try to make the most of it? Instead of looking ahead to the things that you are dreading, find something in your day that you are looking forward to. It could be anything, your morning cup of coffee, hitting the gym, or a dinner date. This helps to take your focus off of the negative part(s) of your day.

2. Do something you love every day.

It’s easy to go from day to day only doing what has to be done. Life gets busy, the unexpected happens, and you get tired. If you make a conscious effort to do something each day that you enjoy, even if it’s for a short amount of time, it will have a positive effect on your day.

3. Be present.

Live your life in the moment. Whether you are at your kid’s basketball game, or going for a bike ride, take time to enjoy it. It is so easy to get caught up in what is to come that we don’t take in our surroundings. Breathe, relax, and focus on what is in front of you.

These three things can have a dramatic effect on your attitude. I encourage you to practice these and see what they can do for you. Maybe some day they will have you smiling as you dig through coffee grounds in your garbage... who knows!

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