Nutritional "Sprints"

It’s easy to get in a rut, whether it be with nutrition, sleep habits, exercise or work. Breaking out of these behaviors can be tough, but often it is the necessary piece to the puzzle that will allow you to achieve the success you would like.

Many times a smaller habit or change made successfully will illicit other changes, and momentum will begin to carry change into other areas of your life.

One of the ways we can do this is to always have plenty of tools in the toolbox. You will often hear that such and such a diet is the “best way”. “Try the grapefruit diet”, “Try the South Beach diet”, “I lost weight eating only tic tacs and cabbage”.

The truth of the matter is that all diets will work in some way, shape or form. The question is how well, and for how long.

This is why we don’t do diets. We do life style changes. In a lifestyle change, you always know what balance is; you always have a center, and when needed will return to it. You are then free to utilize other tools at hand to accelerate the process of reaching your goal, with the mindset that you will always return to balance.

With nutiritonal interventions, some of the more extreme approaches (those of you who have ran carbohydrate cycles know exactly what I mean), force you to learn to be very detailed in every nutrition decision you make, every time. This, however, is only for a season. Time frames are put on these “nutritional sprints” and when they’ve run their course and brought with them the desired result, they are put back in the toolbox to be used again another time.

It’s at this point that balance is picked back up again, and only when imbalance creeps back up are the heavy hitters brought back out.

This is the difference between diet and lifestyle. Lifestyle embraces all things that will be beneficial at some point, whereas diets only deny. Diets are small pieces of the big picture, and will give you just that: small results. Don’t settle for less than a lifetime of success.

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