FREE Couch-to-Walk-to-Run Program

Want to run your first 5k, start running through a well-structured program with a group, or simply run consistently again after time off? We’ve got just what you you’re looking for!

ROUS (the official running club of Alexandria) is leading a “Couch to 5k” program open to EVERYONE. Noonan Sport Specialists is a sponsor, providing us with the structured program, motivation and guidance.

The plan will start out with 30 minutes of walking, and 10 weeks later, you’ll be running a full 5k race at the end of June, right here in Alexandria. Participation is entirely free, and entirely led by volunteers from ROUS.

It’s as simple as this: we are a group of runners eager to help others become runners as well, sharing the love of a sport that has transformed our lives.

(Check out some of the 2015 graduates of the class)

The plan has a two-part structure:

  • “Couch to Walk” – opt for this if you are truly starting from scratch, or feeling nervous about running for the first time. We will spend these first two weeks ONLY walking, to prepare your body for running.

  • “Walk to Run” – if you’re already regularly active, or have running in your recent background, jump in on week 3, for our first night of running. This night’s plan is to run 2 minutes & walk 4 minutes, repeated 5 times; if that sounds easy & doable, you’re right! It totally is!

Over the past two summers, we’ve helped about two dozen folks complete their first 5k, and watched many of them go on to longer distances as well. In our second year, several of our first-year graduates even came back to help lead some of our training runs.

YOU could be one of our success stories from this year’s group! All of the details can be found on the flyer. Our first group walk is on Tuesday, April 19, and our first night of walk/run intervals is on Tuesday, May 3. We’d LOVE for you to join the fun!

Questions???? Email HERE to ask us anything about the program.

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