2016 Noonan Barbell Powerlifting Meet Recap

What an incredible day! This was our 5th year hosting this meet, and it was definitely the most exciting to date.

We had 39 competitors (20 women, 19 men), ranging in age from 12 all the way to 66, laying it on the line for the top 3 slots in the men’s and women’s division. This year, we gave out prize packages to our winners consisting of apparel and cash. Our scoring is according to wilks formula, and we account for age, bodyweight, and weight lifted so that we can have a large competition pool, versus many meets where competitors may end up competing in a weight class by themselves and winning a medal just for showing up.

There were SO many incredible lifts and lifters! In the women’s division, we had Yvonne Hanley taking 3rd place, Adrianne Acosta taking 2nd place, and Heidi Cullen in 1st. In the men’s division, 3rd place went to Isaac Svobodny, 2nd went to Anthony Acosta, and 1st went to Jay Jenson.

Some of the incredible highlights worth mentioning:

  • Adrianne Acosta: 310 lb. squat at 138lb. bodyweight

  • Heidi Cullen: 310 lb. deadlift at 118lb. bodyweight

  • 7 women pulled 300 lbs or more on the deadlift

  • Brenda Dallman put together an INCREDIBLE day going 9 for 9, and putting on a technique clinic while doing it.

  • Best deadlift for the women was Cindy Hinderman, with an incredible 370lb pull!!

  • Jay Jenson at 55 and 177 lbs went 405, 285, 475 in his first ever meet to win the men’s division!

  • David McNutt went 9 for 9, putting together one of the smoothest meets I’ve personally ever seen, making 435,295,475 look EASY! One of the most underrated parts of a powerlifting meet is picking attempts. I would have never guessed it was David’s first meet by the way he picked and executed attempts. Incredible.

  • Isaac Svobodny at 18 years old is a rising star, making a 500 lb. deadlift look like speed work. Big future.

  • Nathan Wood, Eric Elbe, Adam Gertken, Erin Berns, and Anthony Acosta were all pushing HUGE 500-600 lb. squats and deadlifts to wrap up the day.

  • Anthony Acosta never ceases to impress, with a freakish 615 lb pull at 197lb. bodyweight.

  • ​Youngest competitors to date, Logan Nelson (12) and Isaac Nichols (14) both put together GREAT meets!

I hate even making a highlight list, because I know I’m forgetting or leaving certain lifters out, and we had such a great event that I can’t stand that thought!

Thank you to our sponsors, Crossfit Repo and Crossfit Allectus for helping us make this meet possible, as well as sending well coached, strong lifters our way!! We love seeing your lifters here competing.

A HUGE thank you goes out to our volunteers. I can’t tell you how much work goes into the setup, tear down, transport of chairs, sound system, spotting, loading, judging, food, clean up, etc. If it weren’t for all the volunteers who stepped up to help, this meet would not have happened. Special thanks to David Dallman, Wade Wilke, Todd Gilsrud, Aaron Poelaert, and Paul Klimek. They all jumped in last minute to make the platform run smoothly for our lifters, and were more than willing to volunteer their time on very short notice. Thank you!!!

The full results of the meet can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1abAOf5onV_DypUAMiPSKPDKlIVn_gS7ji9Y3yG0roBE/edit?usp=sharing

Keep an eye out for the Noonan Barbell USA Powerlifting Raw Open coming this October! Info will be available here on our website www.alexnss.com, www.facebook.com/alexnss, you can email Steve Reishus or 320-808-9632 for more info as the meet approaches.

Thanks again to all our lifters, volunteers, coaches, sponsors, and spectators. See you this fall!

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