Summer Strong Series - starts May 18th

The Summer Strong Series begins May 18th!!

Today is the day... SIGN ME UP!

But what is the Summer Strong Series?

Great question....

The Summer Strong Series is NSS's next iteration of large group team training. Following the same format from last year's Summer Team Training, participants will work in a large group setting (up to 40) along side 2 NSS coaches, focusing on strength, movement, energy and fun!!

But who is it for?

You are on your question game...

The Summer Strong Series is for anyone looking to get a few extra sweat sessions in with a group of like-minded and motivated people.

- Looking to lose weight?

- Want another couple coached workouts during the week?

- Need a jump start and some accountability?

- Want to build strength and increase flexibility?

Try the Summer Strong Series!

As of this blog post, we are officially open for registration to our Summer Strong Series! We have had such a great experience (and reviews!) with all of our large group team training sessions, and it has been an amazing experience to see everyone learn, progress, and improve in every one of these high energy sessions & we look forward to continuing that on with this group. It is limited to 40 participants and is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE sign up. If you are thinking about it we would highly encourage you to act the last large group filled to capacity very quickly and we had a wait list. So to make sure you get in before it fills up by clicking HERE. Have a friend you think might enjoy trying NSS for only $99? Get them on the list as well to experience the energy, positive community, and fun of the NSS Summer Strong Series!

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