Client of the Month : Derek Chinn

We are proud to honor

Derek Chinn

as our May 2016 NSS Client of the Month.

We are super excited to be recognizing Derek this month for his hard work and dedication. The past three months, in preparation for an ultra-endurance mountain bike race, we have certainly “turned up the dial”. Knowing what Derek specifically wanted to focus on for the race, we came up with a plan to build his strength and endurance to levels we haven’t in the past. This required a lot of focus, drive, sweat and patience. All of which Derek has thrived with.

Workouts that include activity like multiple sets of 60 yard low sled pushes, which if you haven’t tried, can be something of a “bugger”. In addition, training routinely consists of multiple working sets lasting up to 8 minutes without rest. Derek’s work capacity is absolutely skyrocketing; he is doing more work, with less difficulty, less recovery time and not getting nearly as fatigued.

Along with all the success in the gym, Derek has been focusing on other areas outside of the gym. The main two being nutrition and sleep habits. His nutrition has moved to a place where he is making the right choices that help him most toward his goals. Along with prioritizing sleep and understanding the value of getting quality rest.

However it would be unfair to just consider the past 3 months where Derek has been absolutely dialed in, and not look at his consistency over the past 2 ½ years. Training at NSS 2 times per week for sixty minutes Derek has never had an extended period of time away from the gym and certainly is a picture of consistency paying off.

Great work Derek, and keep up the strong push!!

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