Tips for a Tighter Tummy

It’s finally May! The sun is starting to shine more and more. We are spending more time outside getting the summer cabins ready, putting docks in, and thinking about enjoying the upcoming months out on the boat with our friends and family.

Then it hits us (BAM!). “What have I been doing all winter?! I can’t be seen in a swimsuit! Although winter seemed to last forever, I can’t believe summer is already here!”

At this point, we all want to hit the gym HARD with some high-intensity workouts and a whole ton of “core” work. “If I just bust my butt in the gym for the next month and focus on my abs, then I HAVE to see results and fast!”

Truth is, there is more to it than that. There are multiple factors that we should consider when working toward those six-pack abs that we all would love to have. Nutrition, indirect core work, and direct core work – in that order.

1. Nutrition

Nutrition is key when it comes to losing weight through the mid-section. As much as I would love it to be true, we can’t out-work a bad diet. There are many things to consider when thinking about the nutrition aspect – portion control, calorie intake, macronutrients, what we are actually putting into our bodies - all of these are important.

Start small, don’t tackle it all at once. If you’re currently going out to eat every day, start by limiting the amount of meals you eat out each week. If the food you are eating is already “pretty good” then look at the portions you are eating. Set yourself up for success!

Those are just a few examples. If you are looking for more guidance in this area, we have the perfect FAT LOSS WORKSHOP coming up for you on Tuesday, May 24th at 6:00 p.m. (click the link above to RSVP)

2. Indirect Core Work

Weight training such as squats, deadlifts, kettlebell work, etc. all requires stabilization through the core. If you perform these functional movements with good form you are letting the core do its job, which in turn, strengthens it. Brace, breathe, and be conscious of your body in your workouts. Focusing on indirect core work will strengthen the core and help you to feel comfortable in that new swimsuit!

3. Direct Core Work

Lastly, direct core work. Who doesn’t love to bust out a bunch of “abs” in the gym? The next day, you find yourself laughing and have to try to stop yourself because it hurts. Your abs are sore, what a wonderful feeling!

As stated earlier, direct core work may not be the most important thing to focus on when working toward that “beach bod,” but it does certainly have its place. Just like any other area of the body, if you want to see changes, you have to train that part of the body. Mix it up and throw some hanging abs

and side plank crunches into your next workout.

So for that rocking confidence in your swimsuit this summer remember - focusing a piece of your workout routine on your mid-section is definitely important - just don't forget about nutrition and indirect core work as key factors too!

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