Client of the Month : Julie Burmeister

We are proud to honor

Julie Burmeister

as our July 2016 NSS Client of the Month.

Each month when the NSS team gets together to vote on who we think should be highlighted as our Client of the Month we consider, positive attitude, willingness to learn, patience with the process, overcoming adversity, consistency, and a team-work mentality. Julie so embodies these qualities it was easy to recognize her as client of the month for July.

In addition to those qualities above, in her time (nearly 4 years!) at NSS, Julie has seen her strength numbers steadily progress. From deadlifting a 44 lb kettlebell to doing traditional deadlift with a barbell loaded to 185 lb regularly in her training. Taking her 12 upper body elevated push-ups to 24 reps to the floor, and squatting with a 25 lb dumbbell to barbell back squatting 125 lb for 6 reps.

Even more impressive than her improved strength numbers (and her similar improvements in both overall body composition and endurance) is HOW she has reached those numbers with her commitment to consistency and getting just a little better every day.

Julie applies this approach to every aspect of her life. Whether she is running, caring for her puppy, knitting, or at work, Julie approaches them all with a steadfast resilience that keeps her moving in the right direction. This, over the years, will continue to provide her with the results both in and out of the gym that she is seeking.

Thank you Julie for bringing us along on this wonderful journey and for being such a fantastic member of the #NSSfamily!

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