Bring on that Sunshine, Baby

Over the next 10 days the sun will be out and strong as ever, YIPPEE! Instead of focusing on the hazards of the sun while lathering up with sunscreen, we will highlight some reasons why the sun should be one of our body's #besties.

Vitamin D is #numerouno in reasons why sunlight is AWESOME, especially to us northerners who don't get adequate amounts all year round. Unlike other essential vitamins which we get through food, vitamin D synthesizes through the skin. Not getting sufficient amounts can affect bone health.

Skin cancer is often related to too much UVR (ultra violet radiation). However other cancers could develop from deficient amounts of vitamin D. Going outside more often or simply supplementing with a vitamin D pill could help you reduce the risk.

Also, fun fact of the day, when we expose ourselves to sunlight in the morning, we can enter sleep easier at night, because our nocturnal melatonin production will happen sooner in the day. On the other side of the spectrum, serotonin levels are also affected by daylight. High levels of serotonin are associated with more positive moods, and calm yet focused mindsets. This is all especially important for the majority of us who have jobs that involve being indoors for 8+ hours a day.

Getting outside throughout the day can radically affect our mood, sleep, and energy levels. If you have a job where you are lucky enough to be outdoors for parts of the days, and you're wearing sunglasses, try letting your eyes be sunglasses-free for 10-15 minutes throughout the day to get full sunlight, and you could also improve your sleep and energy levels.

Also getting more UVR and UVB rays is associated with preventing autoimmune diseases. Sunlight can also be helpful in treatment of skin disorders like psoriasis. Lastly UVR increases the natural endorphin's in our blood.

Like all things moderation is best. Getting too much can be hazardous, but getting too little can also hurt us. Absorption depends on the person's skin tone, meaning there is no exact time that we should all be aiming for in the sun. Getting some is better than getting none, however, play it safe; the key here is as long as you're not're golden!


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