Get to Know Intern Tony O.

You maybe have noticed a new face roaming around at NSS. Maybe you have seen him helping Chris and the Summer Athlete Program, maybe you saw last week when he took over the NSS Snapchat story (cheap plug...follow us @ alexandrianss), or maybe he has even helped coach you in a semi-private session. But just who is this mystery man...?? Well, his name is Tony Olson and we are excited to have him interning with us this summer at NSS. Even if you have met Tony (and if not, catch him and say "Hi") there are probably some things you haven't had a chance to learn about this St. Paul native. Check them out below...

Tony, what is your education background?

I graduated from Concordia College (Moorhead) in 2014 with a Bachelor of the Arts in Exercise Science.

What did you enjoy doing / hobbies while you were growing up?

Growing up I was heavily involved in athletics (mostly football & baseball), so naturally I spent a lot of time in the weight room. I played football and baseball at Concordia and after all our field testing (40 yd dash, broad jump, 5x10x5 shuffles), I became very fixated with the NFL Draft Combine. I was fascinated with the actual process/biomechanics of how all the potential draft picks could have such impressive combine numbers and what drills they used to improve their speed and strength. I'm also in the MN National Guard, where I wanted to learn more about tactical strength and conditioning and the science/methodology behind that.

What is your favorite lift / gym thing?

The deadlift!

What is your least favorite lift / gym thing?

Hang cleans.

The best food on Earth is?

The best food on earth is pulled pork with coleslaw.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Graduating from Basic Combat Training.

What is your favorite book?

No Easy Day by Mark Owen.

Your last vacation?

My last vacation was to Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park.

Longest you've gone without sleep and why?

Close to 48 hours. We received training with night vision goggles and had to do a rifle qualification in the middle of the night.

Do you collect anything?

I collect original video games/consoles with my brother.

What was your first job?

My first job was working for a florist, which I ended up doing all through out high school.

Tell us one more thing about you.

I love to hunt, fish, and really anything that you can make competitive.

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