Fat Loss Workshop - Tuesday, August 23rd

Come join us on Tuesday, August 23rd for the (SECOND... #2) --->> informative, educational and FREE seminar on fat loss hosted by our Precision Nutrition Certified Coach Steve Reishus.

Fat loss is hard.

There is so much "noise" out there about the best/quickest/healthiest/least expensive (you name it) way to do it.

But we truly think baseline education, mixed with individualized application is the slick ticket.

Come check out some of that thought process with our Fat Loss Workshop #2 - Macronutrients on August 23rd from 6-6:30 p.m.

It is open to anyone, so bring a friend too...we love friends :)

**can't make it to NSS that night, then tune in to our LIVE Facebook feed to check out the chat

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