Client of the Month : Ella Ostendorf

We are proud to honor

Ella Ostendorf

as our August 2016 NSS Client of the Month

Ella was first introduced to NSS through our "Bring a Friend" program. Her husband had been encouraging her to give NSS a try, and the Bring a Friend program was a low-risk entry point for her. Almost four years later, she is continuing to make progress every time she steps through the NSS doors.

Ella's success comes from her consistency and determination. It is not unusual to have Ella come back after a session and tell us that she has been watching the "NSS Tip of the Week" or YouTube videos on some of the more technical lifts that she has been practicing, such as the Snatch or Turkish Get-Up.

Ella also practices at home. At one point she was having trouble with push-ups. Two weeks later she went from doing 5 push-ups to multiple sets of 15-20, just from the additional work she added at home!

Ella brings a smile to every training session, and encourages and congratulates other clients on all of their accomplishments. She is open-minded to trying new things. She spreads the NSS word to friends and acquaintances. For all of these qualities and more, we greatly appreciate Ella, and are thrilled to recognize her.

Keep up the excellence Ella!

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