Masters (50+) Program

We are now taking registrations for the next round of our Masters Program. This small-group training is for individuals 50 years and older.

Pre-Training Assessments will be scheduled for the week of September 12th

Small Group Training will be

Tuesdays and Thursdays


September 20th - October 27th

Post-Training Assessments will take place the week of October 31

Give a call or send an email to Dawn (320-808-9632 or to get signed up, or to get answers to any questions you may have. The cost is only $199.

This program is limited to 5 don't delay if you're interested!

What do past participants have to say?

→ Read a testimonial from our most recent "Masters Grad" Viki right →here←.

→ Read a testimonial from our program "beta tester" Norma right →here←.

If you're interested but feeling apprehensive about your ability to take part, PLEASE read on...

Do these questions sound familiar?

  • What if I hurt myself?

  • What if I embarrass myself doing the exercise wrong?

  • What if I don’t fit in?

  • What if I am not fit enough to join the gym?

  • Aren't I too old?

We know that fear is the number one reason that keeps individuals from joining a gym. The unknown can be scary, but all of us at NSS want you to know that walking through the door for the first time doesn’t have to be fearful. NSS helps you take the necessary steps to create a safe transition from inactive to active.

#1 Safety is our top priority. All of your sessions will be led by a certified personal trainer who specializes in coaching adults over the age of 50. Your coach will instruct and model correct exercise technique, while progressing you as needed.

#2 Your goals are important to us. We will never try to make our goals become your goals. Whether it's body composition changes, balance concerns, or overall strength - your program will be custom-made to fit you and your needs.

#3 We listen. Your feedback is important to us. Whether you love or hate an exercise, or something doesn’t feel quite right, we want to know about it. The key to success on both ends of the training is having an open line of communication.

#4 We are "Sport Specialists" - yet so much more. Did you know that NSS is more than just a sports training facility? Many of our clients are general population clients that want to move better, look better, and to get stronger. So whether you play a sport or not, the NSS family of coaches and clients welcomes you to join us.

#5 It is never too old to learn something new. Many of the exercises that we do have application to things we do everyday in life. Check out just a few of the assessments that have a high carryover to real world activities:

  • Back Scratch Flexibility

  • An assessment that measures upper body flexibility, which affects your ability to reach for items on a shelf, change a light bulb, or pull a shirt over your head.

  • 2-Minute Step in Place

  • Used to measure aerobic endurance or stamina. Endurance is important for activities such as shopping, completing daily activities, and traveling. The greater your stamina, the more energy you will have and the longer it will take you to fatigue.

  • 30-Second Chair Stand Test

  • Measures the strength and endurance of the lower body, which is important for activities such as getting out of a chair, onto a bus (or other high profile vehicle), out of your car, or rising from a kneeling position.

  • Up-and-Go Test

  • This test measures speed, coordination, agility, and balance while moving. These are important for activities such as walking through crowds, maneuvering through changing terrain, or hustling through a crosswalk.

Again...if you have ANY further questions we can answer for you, Dawn can help! Call 320-808-9632, email, or simply stop in and see us!

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