Client of the Month : Sherri Faehnrich

We are proud to honor

Sherri Faehnrich

as our September 2016 NSS Client of the Month

Sherri is very well deserving of Client of the Month honors as she demonstrates one of the most important aspects when it comes to fitness and health…CONSISTENCY. She is absolutely a pillar of consistency, making it to NSS for 2 sessions EVERY week. Even when circumstances outside of the gym would generally throw someone off their routine, Sherri powers through.

She is so consistent in fact, that on the rare occasion she isn’t in 5 minutes early for her session you start to worry something might be wrong.

Although consistency is a key, we don’t want to down play the amount of hard work that Sherri puts in each week. She continually punches the clock with increasingly difficult workouts over her 4 week training blocks, usually building to a very high intensity week of full body strength work and difficult conditioning sets. Easily attaining double digit push-ups, crushing dozens of kettlebell swings, and destroying some battle ropes.

Along with her continually showing up, Sherri has an extremely positive attitude in an early morning session and easily connects with others around NSS. Having a warm greeting and nice comment for everyone she sees. Along with the occasional humorous remark, which we have come to love!

You are a true pillar at NSS Sherri, keep it up!!!

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