4 Reasons Why Women Should Strength Train (pt. 1)

Strength training is a major component of what we do as a training facility here at NSS. As we wrote a few weeks back <<<HERE>>> we believe strength is the core to our Athlete Programs.

Which seems to make sense, right??

But, believe it or not, strength training is JUST AS IMPORTANT for women as it is for our youth athletes.

Here are four top reasons women should be strength training:

#1 Lose body fat.

As lean muscle mass increases so does your resting metabolism, meaning you burn more calories all day. For each pound of muscle you gain, you may burn up 35 to 50 more calories each day.

#2 Decrease your risk of osteoporosis.

Weight training can increase bone mineral density, and with adequate amounts of dietary calcium, can be a women's best defense against osteoporosis.

#3 You will be physically stronger.

Increasing your strength will make you less dependent upon others. As strength increases, daily tasks and routine exercise will be far less likely to cause injury.

#4 Improve your attitude and fight depression.

Strength training can reduce depression symptoms. Women who strength train report feeling more confident and capable.

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