Noonan Barbell USA Powerlifting Raw Open 2016 RECAP

The second annual NBB USAPL Raw Open took place this past Saturday. There were a total of 36 lifters competing for the top 3 slots in each division (men’s and women’s), as well as a “best lifter” category for the highest total in each division regardless of age and bodyweight. Scoring was done using Wilk’s formula with age factored in.

There was no shortage of impressive lifts in this meet, and both the women’s and men’s divisions had some heavy hitters competing.

In the women’s division, Jessilyn Vizenor took first place, with an incredible state record 170.5lb bench, even though she only managed to secure her deadlift opener!!

Virginia Pilles took second, as well as best lifter, and took the biggest squat of the women’s division as her OPENER (291.5lb). She finished squats at 352lbs, beating out the next heaviest squat in her division by 88lbs!!

Third place went to Noonan Barbell’s very own Yvonne Hanley, who finished the day with an easy PR deadlift and set multiple state records in the master’s division!

In the men’s division, first place and best lifter was locked up by Cole Warren, who broke the state junior squat, deadlift, and total records, finishing the meet with a terrifying and beautiful 672lb deadlift (did I mention he’s only 20 years old?)!!

Second place went to Nick Kolasa, who tied for the second highest deadlift of the day at 572lb, and put together SUCH a well balanced meet. This guy will be dangerous as he continues growing as a competitor (this was only his second meet).

Third place went to Dalton Pfankuch, who went under the radar like a stealth bomber. This guy was calm and calculated, and even after a little trouble during the squats, he came back STRONG on bench and deadlift. Another competitor with a great competitive future.

The meet itself would never have happened without the INCREDIBLE crew of volunteers that came out to keep the train on the tracks. Our platform team was second to none this year; fast, efficient, no misloads, and everyone stayed safe.

We had the entire meet, minus awards, done before 3pm! As usual, Joe Warpeha, Angela Simons, and John Tini kept all the administrative portions of the meet on track perfectly.

It’s amazing working with people at that level and seeing how smooth a meet can truly be. Judges were Anna White, Eric Lohman, and the legendary Nick Tylutki.

They were right on with calls all day, and it was an honor to have them in the facility. They are all veteran competitors and judges, and it showed!!

Full results of the meet are here: (all weights in kilos)

Records set at the meet are found here:

We will be hosting another full powerlifting meet in the spring as well. This is our Noonan Barbell unsanctioned meet, and it will be the 6th one of these that we’ve hosted!

This meet is a blast, and is great for first timers. Info will be posted on our Facebook page as the meet gets closer.

Thanks again to everyone who came and made this a great event!! We appreciate all of you very much. Until next year, stay strong!


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