Clients of the Month: Kevin and Kelly Beilke

We are proud to honor

Kevin and Kelly Beilke

as our November 2016 NSS Clients of the Month

This is a new frontier for the NSS family. The first ever dual Client of the Month! Kevin and Kelly Beilke represent so many of the values that we hold dear to our hearts at NSS, that it was a no-brainer when they were nominated.

Kelly started her journey with NSS in 2011 and her husband Kevin joined the party in 2014.

While Kelly’s reasons for coming to the gym have shifted over the years, one thing has not: her commitment to consistency and the process. She is the embodiment of focusing on what needs to get done in the present in order to not only do the things she wants to do now, but also being conscious of how those decisions are also preparing her to be active and strong for the next 30 years of her life.

To say Kevin has an active lifestyle is a bit of an understatement. His journey began because he knew if he was to continue his lifestyle of riding any machine with an engine for hundreds of miles a week no matter the season, he had to start preparing his body for the dance with the road, trail, and snow.

Not only has he seen his body handle the wear of the miles more efficiently, he has been able to put together rides and trips that are major bucket list items and is looking forward to more to come.

What is really special about Kevin and Kelly, and why they are our first ever dual client of the month, is the way they support each other in pursuit of their goals. With understanding and support, they work out side by side each week, taking steps toward better.

Kevin and Kelly, thank you so much for sharing your journey, your stories, and insights (and produce) with everyone here at NSS!

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