Client of the Month: Dean Pass

We are proud to honor

Dean Pass

as our December 2016 NSS Client of the Month

Dean came in with the simple goal of being able to do what he is able to do now physically, 10 years from now. You see, it took Dean a bit to finally feel comfortable with getting back into a formal exercise regimen. Prior to NSS Dean was plagued with crippling back issues that left him in a tough place with day to day tasks and activity.

However, he worked extremely hard through physical therapy to strengthen his back and core, so he would never have to experience that level of debilitating back pain. Dean even went to the extent of purchasing his own back extension machine for his own home so he could fully carry out his back exercises prescribed by his physical therapist.

He will still arrive early before his sessions so he can conduct the same back exercises he has been doing for the last 10 years before he will even begin his training.

In the gym his goal has evolved from capable, to mastery over the big rock movements, to now taking it to the next level. He has been referred to as “The Experiment,” in which we are able to get very creative programming. His enthusiastic and appropriate competitiveness makes it so he is open for trying most anything.

Aside from his very competitive nature, he is the purveyor of consistency and has never missed a session without rescheduling. Dean has been a treat to work with and it has been extremely enjoyable to experience his evolution over time with us here at NSS.

Great work Dean!!

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