3 Things Every Athlete Needs Heading Into A Successful Season

An athlete who comes into the season ready to go will put themselves in a position to have a much more successful season than one that isn’t ready.

But what exactly does it mean to “be ready"? Here are 3 things an athlete needs to have to put themselves in a position to have a successful season.

1. Proper Body Mechanics and Position

Many non-contact injuries happen because the body gets out of proper position. In the case of a knee injury, often when an athlete is trying to slow down, change direction, or stop the knee collapses inward.

This can happen due to lack of strength, but also because the athlete doesn’t know the proper position to complete these tasks.

When taught the proper positions for running, changing direction, and jumping an athlete can help to prevent non-contact injuries. It also helps the athlete to complete these tasks quicker and easier, leading to better performance.

2. Power and Explosiveness

The faster a movement can be completed, the better an athlete is, period.

When specifically talking about power sports (pretty much anything but distance running), the ability to produce power or explosiveness can predict athletic ability.

Think about a baseball player. A player who can produce a lot of power hits a home run over the center-field wall. A player who lacks power hits a soft dribbler to one of the corner infielders.

Being able to produce power makes you a better athlete.

3. Conditioning and Work Capacity

Coming into the season conditioned allows an athlete to work on sport-specific skills, giving them an edge.

While it’s easy to see why a long-distance athlete would need to be conditioned, it is also very important for a short-duration athlete. The ability to recover quickly between repeated bouts of maximal effort requires being conditioned.

A sprinter who can complete 10-50 meter sprints at full speed will progress more than a not-so-conditioned athlete who struggles to complete 7 due to getting winded.

So as you begin to wrap winter sports for the season consider the work that might be need to be done in prep for your spring athletics. Make sure it's in these three areas and you will be ready to rock.

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