Client of the Month: Amy Gesell

We are proud to honor

Amy Gesell

as our February 2017 NSS Client of the Month

Where do we even begin?! Amy’s dedication shines in and out of the gym, from pull-up challenges with family and friends, to rocking the modifications she made to her nutrition (which, by the way, is now a lifestyle!). She also keeps movement and exercise a main priority by training at the YMCA when not at NSS.

Amy represents the #NSSfamily in all the best ways. She has been making a steady uphill climb, to goal after goal, with consistency and patience, and by embracing the process.

Amy has laser focus when it comes to learning new skills, which have recently included kettlebell snatches and Turkish get-ups. Amy’s smile lights up the gym every morning, along with her encouraging words to anyone who is working out beside her.

We mentioned consistency; there are very few weeks that go by where Amy is not in for her two weekly sessions. She has a great understanding, and very much values, the benefits of being mentally strong and physically strong.

Amy has fun moving and has passed that down to her children, who have also developed a love for fitness.

Keep on smashing those goals, Amy!!

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