10,0000 Baby Boomers Retire Every Single Day

There were 76.4 MILLION people born in the United States between the years 1946 and 1964. We all know this group as the Baby Boomers. In 2017 a large chunk of this population has or is approaching retirement, and if you do the math that means that about 10,000 Baby Boomers retire EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We already know the strain that this mass exodus has put on our workforce and social security programs, but it is also taxing both Medicare and our health care systems.

Along with the medical needs that accompany the aging population, retirement reduces the likelihood of individuals stating that they are in good health, and increases the risk of taking medication for a newly diagnosed physical condition.

The lack of physical, mental, and social stimulation that retirees often encounter after leaving the workforce can also lead individuals to being “bored to death”. Believe it or not, people who are very bored have a higher chance of dying than people who keep their minds engaged.

But do not worry, it's not all bad news today.

Think about this…

What if there was a place that retirees could go to get mental, social, and/or physical stimulation that they no longer receive once they exit the workforce?

What if we offered the Baby Boomers a safe place to physically learn something new or practice skills they haven’t used in years?

What if being active reduced the need for medications and created a new social connection that retirees didn’t even know they were missing?

And what if it was FUN? There is immense power in that, power to literally change lives. So to all you Boomers out there, PLEASE take these words into consideration and recognize it is more important than ever to get back into the gym and get moving. In order to truly maximize your retirement. Heck, it's what you worked your whole life for!

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