Red, Yellow, or Green light?

Let's get real for a second.

Let's talk about the C word: Commitment – and how that relates to fat loss.

We invite you to view yourself as being committed to your health and fitness whenever you take any small step forward.

Some days, your small step forward just might be talking to a coach or friend about how the day was a struggle and nothing went according to plan. Because people rarely fail because of a lack of want. More often, what we see is a failure of focus, or not knowing what step to take next to keep your momentum going.

The truth is, some weeks you'll have room to make health and fitness more of a priority, and other weeks, it will be less of a priority. That's totally normal and even expected.

That’s just how successful habit change works in real life. We’ve seen it countless times in clients who ultimately ended up being successful in reaching their goals.

So an important thing to do is to keep adjusting your effort based on what's happening in life, on a week by week basis, so you can keep moving forward.

We suggest using a “system of lights” to gain some perspective on the level of stress in your life:

Red means, “There is something in my life that demands immediate attention outside of my health and fitness.”

This can include: death, divorce, injuries, a newborn, March and April for accountants. During these times, even doing the absolute bare minimum to avoid gaining weight is a huge win.

Yellow means, “I’m coping, but health and fitness are not going to be my top priority.”

This can include: stressful jobs, relationship trouble, high school kids picking colleges. Progress is possible but it’s going to be slow.

**Most of us are in yellow most of the the time**

Green means, “I’m good to go and I can make training a high priority for a while.”

Green-light situations are rare, but they are when we can expect the fastest fat loss.

What light are YOU in this week?

Make sure to re-evaluate often!

(Re-posted with permission from with the original from Dan John

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