Noonan Barbell Powerlifting Meet 2017 Recap

The Noonan Barbell 2017 Spring Powerlifting Meet took place this past Saturday, March 25th, and much like it’s predecessors, it did not disappoint!!

We had a host of returning lifters, as well as many lifters who were not only new to our meet, but new to the sport entirely.

In the women’s division, it was a tight battle between our 1st and 2nd place winners! Yvonne Hanley edged out the win by .03 Wilks points (Wilks is the formula used to determine winners according to age, bodyweight, and weight lifted)!!.

2nd place Heidi Cullen laid down an outstanding performance, finishing her day with a massive 300 lb. deadlift!

Our 3rd place finisher in the women’s division was Ashley Johnson, a newcomer to our event, and she put together an outstanding meet.

She finished her day going 9 for 9 on attempts, hit the largest deadlift in the female division (325 lbs.), and also captured the highest total of the day (715 lbs.) to capture Best Lifter in the female division!

Highest squat of the day in the women’s division went to Jennifer Bengtson, who took 255 lbs. for a ride on her 3rd attempt and looked like she had more in the tank. The highest bench went to Katie Lehn with a 150 lb. attempt.

In the men’s division, our 3rd place lifter was returning competitor Cole Gau, who put together an outstanding total of 1385 and only missed one lift the entire day. I think Cole is one to watch, as he’s still only a junior lifter!

2nd place went to the always impressive Aaron Poelaert, who went 9 for 9, hitting a massive 555 deadlift with ease, all while injured, to secure his position. Much more to come for this guy as well!

In 1st place was Adam Gertken, who also finished with the Best Lifter award in the men’s division for his 1615 total. He also took biggest deadlift of the day with a 675 lb. pull!!

Nate Wood captured the highest squat of the day, with a huge 590 lb. attempt! He was one of three lifters to pull a 600 lb. deadlift as well, making his performance really stand out!

Highest bench of the day went to Eric Elbe, with a massive 405 lb. lift! Eric is a returning competitor, and he never ceases to disappoint in the lifts he brings to the table!

Aside from the lifters, the real stars this year were our AMAZING volunteers!!

Everyone from the spotters and loaders, to the head table crew, judges, merchandise, clean up, sound crew, and photographer were CRUCIAL to the way this meet happened.

As a meet director, there is nothing more necessary than a good crew of volunteers, and everyone was outstanding. From the whole #NSSfamily, we owe all of you a huge THANK YOU!!

The work that goes in behind the scenes on something like this is pretty astonishing, and the time and effort these volunteers give to this meet is invaluable to us. From the bottom of our heart, THANK YOU!!!

On final shout out goes to all that came to cheer on the lifters. There is no question that your energy and enthusiasm are crucial in the competitions hitting their lifts and the absolutely awesome energy in the gym during the meet.

Along with this, with your spectator entry fees, we were able to donate $750 to the Relentless Powerlifting Meet, which raises money for HopeKids. cool is that?!?!

We look forward to seeing all of you again, and hope you can make it back for our USAPL Meet in the fall!! Be on the lookout for dates at and

Thanks again to everyone who came out and made it a great day!!

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