Client of the Month: Nan Haggerty

We are proud to honor

Nan Haggerty

as our April 2017 NSS Client of the Month

Nan’s first experience at NSS was with the NSS Master’s Program in the fall of 2015. To say that she has come a long way since then is an understatement.

After completing the 8 week Master’s Program Nan enrolled in 2 sixty minute semi-private session per week. She continued to make progress, trying new and different exercises and increasing the base that she created through the Master’s Program.

12 weeks ago Nan showed interest in the Noonan Barbell Powerlifting Meet that is held each spring at NSS. At this point in her training she had never done any specific barbell work. After giving the three lifts a trial run she made the commitment to compete in this year’s meet.

Eighteen months after first stepping through the NSS doors and three months after setting a goal, Nan has officially competed and completed her first powerlifting meet.

The goal that Nan set for herself gave her the focus she needed to take her training to the next level. Her consistency in training allowed her to learn and become proficient in three lifts (back squat, deadlift, and bench press) that previously she had never even tried.

Nan’s journey is a great example of someone not afraid of trying something new, the power of having a goal in place, and how consistent training is a powerful tool toward reaching a goal.

Congratulations Nan on completing your goal,

we can’t wait to see what is next!

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