Spring 2017 Tactical Strength Challenge

What is the TSC? Well, technically it is a test of one’s absolute strength, relative strength, and cardiovascular endurance.

Now, let’s cut through the technical piece of it and look at what it does to a person.

You know that good feeling where you are simply content…some may call it your comfort zone?

The TSC teaches you how to get out of that. Not only in a physical sense, but in its ability to mentally challenge you and emotionally test you, by putting yourself out there in front of friends, family, and complete strangers.

Prepping for a TSC gives you a reason to train hard on your deadlift, hang around on a pull-up bar for obscene lengths of time, and heave a piece of cast iron above your head...again and again.

Back to the technical side…TSC stands for Tactical Strength Challenge. It tests one’s absolute strength through a max weight deadlift; relative strength through pull-ups or flexed arm hang; and cardiovascular endurance through five minutes of kettlebell snatches, achieving as many reps as possible.

It is a world-wide event put on by the StrongFirst organization. It combines results from gyms across the globe, who compete on the same day each Spring and Fall of a calendar year.

It is split into various categories depending on gender and training experience. There is a novice category for those just tapping into their potential, all the way up to an elite level for seasoned veterans who have been dedicating time and energy for years on end.

At Noonan Sport Specialists we have had the opportunity to host three TSC events over the past couple of years. Our most recent was held on Saturday, April 8th, 2017. This was by far our most successful in terms of number of competitors at nine, intensity of spectators cheering those competitors on, and actual results for our competitors!

Our very own Sabrina Hoppe achieved 1st place in the Women’s Novice division…yes, you read that correctly; out of all competitors in that division, around the world, she finished at the top of the leader board!!!

Jackie Olson had a fantastic showing and finished 3rd in her Women’s Open (12kg) division. This included a spectacular performance on her pull-ups, reaching 15 full range of motion repetitions.

Steve Reishus finished with a top 10 performance in the Men’s Novice division, completing 22 clean repetitions on his pull-ups.

Complete results can be found here for all participants across the world. Videos from our competition can be seen here.

The focus and dedication of the day could be felt around the facility, as competitors moved from the deadlift to the pull-up/flexed arm hang, and then finished with the heart-pumping kettlebell snatches.

This event is open to all interested, and can easily be worked up to with a couple months of prep time.

The next TSC is scheduled for Saturday, October 28th, 2017.

Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in competing and/or interested in getting more information on how to prep for this confidence -building event!!!

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