Client of the Month: Karen Hunt

We are proud to honor

Karen Hunt

as our May 2017 NSS Client of the Month

Karen joined the #NSSfamily in September of 2016, and in a short amount of time has done some very impressive things.

Karen came in with the goal of gaining core strength as well as upper-body strength. She already had solid upper-body strength, but felt like she could still get stronger. That right there tells us a lot about her personality, in that she is constantly in pursuit of better.

What you first notice when you talk with Karen is her positive outlook. She doesn’t seem to have bad days; she only has good days and better days. This attitude is infectious.

Along with that positive attitude is Karen’s work ethic. She won’t let herself complete a bad rep. If she feels like her form is getting sloppy, she will stop, reset her body, re-focus and do the rep over again. She is very meticulous, and that has led her to some impressive feats.

After a few weeks to get used to the NSS culture, Karen devoted 4 weeks to getting better at the push-up. Every day she came into the gym, she worked some version of it. Now she can do 15 full push-ups without even slowing down.

Following this up, it was chin-up time. Again, for 4 weeks she worked hard at it, and now she can do 10 chin-ups using the smallest band we have.

It honestly just seems as though Karen can’t be challenged enough. She puts her mind to doing something, and then she does it.

We’ll keep setting the bar higher, and Karen will keep rocketing over it with ease.

Congratulations Karen!

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