Mentally Tough

This week we talk about working on being mentally tough in a difficult nutritional situation or setting.

When you come up against a craving (whether it be candy, chips, cookies, or whatever) TWO to FOUR times this week (it doesn’t have to be EVERY time), repeat in your head “I am tough enough to overcome this” and “I can deny myself of this food.”

When self-doubt and negative self-talk starts to take over, remind yourself that this <insert food choice here> does not control me, I can say no to this.

If we put a suitcase of a million dollars’ cash in front of you, chances are you could stare down every nutritional challenge needed to earn that money.

Remind yourself that you get to choose to “tough it out” on purpose.

You can meet this challenge right here, right now in front of you.

You have the decision-making power in this situation.

It doesn’t control you, you control it.

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