Client of the Month: Steve Ellingson

We are proud to honor

Steve Ellingson

as our July 2017 NSS Client of the Month

The man of many nicknames, such as Scuba Steve (from his time spent as a dive instructor/captain in Hawaii) to the Horizontal Spiderman (due to all of his 4-point crawls).

Steve has been extremely receptive to our coaching philosophy and taken full advantage of it. He notices everything from his significant strength gains to the little things, such as improvement of movement and how that is making day to day tasks that much easier.

Being an afternoon client, it can be very difficult to not allow other responsibilities and obligations to steal your time spent training. It has been amazing to watch Steve prioritizes his time after work to always make sure that he makes it to his sessions. He has made 100% of his scheduled sessions and always communicates if he ever was to miss one.

His unconditional positivity is contagious and always makes his semi-private workouts that much more fun. Steve is spot-on the embodiment of NSS and truly makes our job so enjoyable and fun.

You are the man, Steve!!

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