Client of the Month: Connie Bleess

We are proud to honor

Connie Bleess

as our August 2017 NSS Client of the Month

From the moment she walked in the door, Connie has been a wonderful part of the #NSSfamily. She demonstrates a contagiously positive attitude and willingness to learn and get better. Her passion for health and wellness oozes out of her through questions and curiosity.

Connie even takes time outside of the gym to better understand fitness by reading articles and watching videos. This passion has impacted all those around her, including her 2 daughters and her fiancé. Her girls enjoy playing around with many of the things she is working on and even try to one-up her at times!

Her passion and desire to improve has resulted in a very cool long-term mindset. Connie looks at fitness as a lifestyle and has made it part of her weekly routine.

Her can-do attitude and desire to learn has resulted in a laser focus on improving her technique and strength with kettlebell based movements such as the Turkish Get-Up and Swing variations. Not only that, but she came in one day and asked about learning the 3 powerlifts, with a plan to compete someday soon!

Thank you so much for your hard work, focus, and dedication to your health Connie. It is truly a pleasure to work with you!

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