Client of the Month: Gracie Schroeder

We are proud to honor

Gracie Schroeder

as our September 2017 NSS Client of the Month

Gracie earning our Client of the Month honors is a little unprecedented for NSS, unprecedented in the fact that she is now a sort of hybrid client, utilizing both the facility when she is in town and our online training app when she is not.

You see Gracie is away at college now and not always able to train with us in house full time. However, she has been a part of the #NSSfamily for many years.

The fact that Gracie isn’t always at NSS to train doesn’t take anything away from her nod as Client of the Month, it actually enhances it. Over the course of the past 15 months enrolled in NSS to GO Gracie has logged over 180 workouts via our online coaching.

She consistently makes time to get her workouts in between holding multiple jobs, classes and other obligations. Even if that means showing up as soon as the doors of NSS open in the morning. Literally showing up before some of us coaches do to not miss a day of training!

All the while she is working hard, with focus but not afraid to smile and socialize with whomever might be in the gym along with her.

Your commitment, dedication and consistency are topped by no others Gracie, keep it up!!

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