5 Things I Learned Today

Hey everyone today is just a reminder that most everything in life comes back to learning, which is one of our core values at NSS.

“Our passion is learning, playing and improving.”

Today's learning came in the form of dental care and is a reminder that we can learn something every single day. You just have to pay attention.

Things I learned today.

  • In order to get the hard to reach back of the furthest tooth in your mouth gently bite down on your toothbrush as when you open your mouth wide it contracts some muscles in that area making it hard to get the brush back there!

  • An electric toothbrush is great but you should really replace the brush on the end of that thing (yeah it comes off…mine has been the same for almost 2 years) every 6 months or so.

  • Like any aspect of fitness if you get lax with taking care of your tooth health, it takes time to regain your previous levels of health. However, with daily diligence and the help of a good dental health provider you can see objective improvement in your tooth health.

  • Brush your teeth with warm water. It will soften the bristles of the brush and be less harsh on your gums.

  • There are buttons on my toothbrush that do different things. (I am not kidding.) I use this thing 2 times a day for 2 years and literally just noticed them today.

So with a walk in the sun to the dentist and some newly found knowledge, even though there was no formal workout today, I made pretty good strides towards “better” in my health.

Also, this reminds me of the immortal words of Dan John. “If you aren’t flossing daily, it doesn’t matter what supplement you are asking me about.”

Nail the basics first.

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