2 Reasons to Start Taking Your Multivitamin Again

Do you stray away from dairy products, or animal protein?

Have you had a blood panel lately showing low iron, magnesium, zinc, or others?

Are you eating less calories to lose weight?

Then reason number 1 is for you!

Multivitamins can bridge the gaps in our daily nutrition that the above scenarios create. Often time’s vegans and vegetarians can be low on B12.

Research also tells us most of the population have a magnesium, zinc, or vitamin D deficiency and possibly even lack in all of the above. (If you live in Minnesota it is almost guaranteed you’re lacking in vitamin D in some way or another.)

Lastly if you have lowered your calorie intake odds are you are eating less food with a reduced variety. Lack of variety can create a greater shortage of the nutrients.

Have you been feeling sluggish, had troubles focusing or getting more sick than normal?

Reason number 2 will blow your socks off.

Multiple studies have shown that taking a multivitamin regularly can boost energy and cognitive function but, it is most noticeable over multiple days of consistent use of multivitamins.

Taking as many vitamins as possible doesn’t mean that you will never get sick but… micronutrients create an internal defense system and support the cells that help create your immunity.

All in all taking a multivitamin will help you have the healthy amounts of nutrients throughout your body, when being deficient in some nutrients can suppress your immune system.


Staying consistent can be painless if you have already been regular in taking other pills like omega 3’s or medicine – just throw your bottle of multivitamin next to those and BOOM check, done!

Lastly multi’s are quick, easy, and affordable (you can even pick them up the next time you’re in the gym) giving them very small risk to reward ratio.

Give it a try for a couple weeks and tell us if you notice any difference in your daily life!

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